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Latest News

  • Hockey Field Day

    Hockey Field Day

    On the 25th of June, Shelly Park was lucky enough to participate in...

  • The Glow Theme Disco

    The Glow Theme Disco

    On Friday the 20th of June, Shelly Park School held their first...

  • World Environment Day Mufti

    World Environment Day Mufti

    On Thursday 5th of June the enviro kids at Shelly...

  • Shelly Park Goes Pink

    Shelly Park School Goes Pink!

    On Wednesday 14th May Shelly Park School went pink for breast...

  • Book Week 2014

    Book Week 2014

    On the first week of Term 2 it was Book Week here at...


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(09) 535 8784
Sunnyview Avenue,
Shelly Park
Manukau 2014
Shelly Park School

Welcome to Shelly Park Primary School

Shelly Park is a State primary co-educational contributing school widely known for its friendly, family atmosphere.

Shelly Park is of modern design and recent construction and has large open grounds. Some classrooms are linked together as Pods. Whilst divided into separate rooms they are of a variable space design. Each has ramps, wide doorways and shared facilities. e.g. Art areas, cloak bays and toilets. Other rooms are of relocatable design. The school currently has twenty classrooms. The Pods are double insulated and fully carpeted throughout so that temperature and noise are easily controlled.